Beating Off The Jetlag

The horrors of the 30 odd hour plane/transit journey are behind me and I have spent the day, including this post, fighting to stay awake so that I can sync my body clock with the  locals.

You know it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. Those of you who know me know that I am a gifted perspirer. As I was exercising this gift on the plane after having taken a shower at Hong Kong airport, a fellow traveller tried to reassure me by saying “once the pores are open, there’s naught stopping it” in a serious north England accent. It occurred to me that my pores must have opened somewhere in the late seventies and haven’t looked back since.

The thoughts that I had promised to make time for are already misbehaving and attention seeking. About a life well lived, what do I want it to have looked like at the end. If you’re reading this and you have some thoughts on the matter, I would love to hear them. I’ll share some later, of course if yours are good I’ll steal them and claim them as my own. About my life so far, what I believe. A surprising amount devoted to economics and social justice.

I spent the afternoon scoping the local area. Irish pubs that I can avoid, cafes that I can practice looking deep and reflective in. In the late afternoon I walked up to Montmartre, the highest point in the city, and attended mass at Sacre Coeur. It was a genuinely special experience to do church with other people who might also think that Jesus might be the answer. Afterward I sat and looked reflective in a cafe.

The Bible says that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord, I figure I’ll just get in early and avoid the rush.g


About timeaside

I'm setting time aside to focus on the things I think are important. A life well lived, taking lessons from the past without carrying their burden, hanging out with God and seeing what He has to say about the whole thing.
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13 Responses to Beating Off The Jetlag

  1. Christina says:

    Hi David,
    Good to see your blog is up and running. What a great way to stay in touch. Missed you last Tuesday night. There was so much cake leftover – I wonder why?

  2. Paul says:

    You know me, but spelling jokes work for me because I miss them. So I’m thinking open pause (time aside) rather than open pores, though open pours did occur to me too when reading your flying story. Great pictures David. Thanks for the link. I’m enjoying your trip already and you’ve only just started. This is not characteristic of me, but I’m going o throw in some high flying religious tosh here. May the grace, joy and peace of the Lord be with you on this pilgrimage tour. Tis an amazing world, and an amazing God.

    • timeaside says:

      Thanks Mate, I knew I could count on you for something high falutin’ and fancy. Of course something in Latin would have been more fitting.

  3. Paul says:

    I’m not going to give you any flatus vocis today David. Still, everything used to be done in Latin in the days of the great university, that jewel of high medievalism, in Paris. If you can visit the old university quarter of Paris and tell me if there is anything left of it (I think the French revolution closed a lot of it down) that would be bonum beautus!

    • timeaside says:

      Meum est consilium, vel dignissim cras amet Latina Quarter vel. Indica mihi quid faciam scio. Societas mea et cogitationes ad te et dolores.

  4. Krystal says:

    Hey Dave,
    The what do I want my life to look like question plagues me eternally!! I often say my biggest fear is I will get to the end of my life and look back and feel I have not done the best I could have done with it – not achieved all that I could have – not reached my fulfilled my destiny. The challenge is though to work out what that is and how to do it. Maybe life is just that – about living – and the choices we make along the way determine how well we do that.
    I don’t know…tell me if you work it out

    • timeaside says:

      Will do Krystal, and I’ll then have the wherewithal to start my own cult, which is a secret ambition.
      You have almost nailed exactly a fear that rattles around in me. That whole “to whom much is given, much will be required”, or the parable of the talents…or all those places where this theme springs up. They are a bit scary to me too.

    • lannalife says:

      Krystal, something my wife taught me, (well, tried to teach me ’cause I’m still trying to learn it!) is to live with no regrets! The more I live this out the less I worry about how my life will look like when all the washing’s done. I’m starting to treat life more like an adventure now! 🙂

      • timeaside says:

        Mate, SERIOUSLY! How can you not say that your life hasn’t been an amazing adventure already. You and Penny are the guys I refer to all the time when I reference people who have run at life with their all.

  5. lannalife says:

    I think what I want on my tombstone Dave is: Here lies a man who loved life and lived it to the full. I really don’t what my life will look like but I do want each day to count. I am beginning to see more and more how each and everything I do does count and does matter. I’m learning to take more care in how I live each day so I don’t have to worry so much about how it all ends.

    My revelation is this: be who I am every day. If I’m on the “stage” speaking then be who I am with Jesus helping me to know what I am saying. If I’m out with my wife then be who I am with Jesus helping me to be the husband I need to be. If I’m out with my mates then be who I am with Jesus helping me to be the friend they need me to be, etc…

    Sounds very simple but what I realised (and hence the revelation) is that I try and be something/someone I think others want me to be (whether it’s when I’m on the stage, or with my wife or with my mates) and that is usually what I appear to be when I’m on the stage. I’m slowly getting comfortable with myself and just being who I am and simply letting Jesus be a part of it, helping me, anointing me, or whatever it is that I need his help and participation in. I’m slowly learning how to allow Jesus be a part of everything I do and not be “spiritualising” it as if my whole life needs to be lived as I am when I’m on that stage.

    Understand what I mean?

  6. timeaside says:

    I think I do understand what you mean. Mind you I refer you to my response to your earlier post.
    I would be very interested to hear how that “relaxing into Jesus” is working.
    There’s a passage in Galatians I have referred to earlier in the Message version. Says something like, “There is a difference between doing thins for God, and falling into what God has for you”. I read it not long before I left and have found it wandering around in side my head with no home for a few weeks now. What IS God up to?

  7. lannalife says:

    Oh Dave, I do love you! For me, it’s become more what I can do with Jesus rather than what I can do for Jesus. I think I have begun to move beyond thinking about what I can do for him. I am enjoying learning through the journey of asking what I can do with him, inviting him and involving him. Much like what you are doing on your journey of a lifetime. What I see happening is that I find myself falling into what God is doing when I get involved with what he is doing and invite him to show me what I can do with him.

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