Versailles and Motorbikes



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What a fun day yesterday was. I rode my (hired), motorbike down to Versailles and spent the better part of the day hanging out in the gardens. For lunch I took a baguette and a bottle of my all time favourite wine down to the huge ponds at the bottom of the gardens and had my favourite kind of quiet time. Eat fun food and drink good wine until God speaks to me.

Now, those of you who are particularly observant have noticed that I am wearing the same shirt every day, and as the day progress, people are standing further and further away from me. I should explain. I come from a very poor family, when we were growing up we were so poor that we had to wash our clothes and reuse them. Often many times over. It is a shame that I try to keep hidden but I am afraid that it is a habit that has stuck with me. In less than a week I am heading out on a 1000Km trek, so the less weight I carry the better, this shirt and the other one I have are no iron, quick dry and it is my habit to wash my clothes when I get home at night. Thanks for your concern.


So Versailles, the gardens are amazing, and should you come to Paris I would highly recommend seeing them. Even if you’re like me and the highlight of your personal gardening experience was the time you felt pride in buying that really nice four stroke Honda mower. The palace at Versailles is fascinating too, but did not really engage me as much.

I kept wondering what it would have been like in the days leading up to the French Revolution. Indeed there have been a few times in which I have reflected that the political climate of the time has some uncanny resemblances to our own, at least in Australia.

A lot of the politic was based on stirring up fear and spreading lies and half truths. The peasantry were feeling progressively more and more squeezed, and the upper classes were getting richer and further out of touch with the plight of those less fortunate. I found myself feeling a bit sorry for Louis the XVI, it feels to me like he was demonised a bit more than he deserved. And to go from being a Monarch to prisoner and finally going to the guillotine seems a bit of an unkind road. Imagine if we treated our current politicians like this if they failed our expectations.

I was also reflecting on how we as a current society seem to have lost our value for art and beauty and replaced it with efficiency and cost effectiveness. How is it that we once were able to produce so much beauty and now we are reduced to skyscrapers and shopping malls. It seems with things like computers and robots and nail guns and automobiles that we should have more time and capacity to put toward exploring creativity and beauty and even spirituality. Instead we work longer hours than our parents and seem to produce things of less quality and beauty. We seem to have been consumed by consumerism of the cheap and tawdry.

Well that all sounds very sad and sorry. So let me finish by saying that I have hope. I have hope that there are better days coming and that there are good people stirring. I have hope that God has an interest in us finding our best. His word says that if we seek, we shall find. Well I’m out here seeking.


My Love and big bear hugs to you all.


About timeaside

I'm setting time aside to focus on the things I think are important. A life well lived, taking lessons from the past without carrying their burden, hanging out with God and seeing what He has to say about the whole thing.
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5 Responses to Versailles and Motorbikes

  1. JM says:

    Hey Dave, Rosy put me onto your blog. Sounds like an amazing adventure and you are getting so much out of it already – great stuff. I am glad you are enjoying Paris and checking out the churches. When I was in Europe I spent a considerable amount of time in churches, taking time out to pray and reflect. I think the gothic/European style of church design is awe inspiring and really engages the soul. Hope you continue to have an incredible time.

    • timeaside says:

      G’day Mate, it is an amazing adventure, and really only just starting. We’ll have to compare notes when I get back.

  2. Paul says:

    Yes, the politics of fear, increasing inequality and conspicuous extravagance at the top end do go together in history and do bode ominous for any society. I fear there are also frightening parallels between the early years of the 20th century and the early years of the 21st century. We could well be on the edge of cataclysmic economic and military upheaval too. Very freaky. So enjoy that bottle of red while you can David! The sad thing about it all is, of course, that good things in life really are good. The beauty of high culture – which our production techniques and popular culture industry do not support – is very good, and peace and prosperity are great goods, and yet the underbelly of exploitation that always seems to support high culture and ‘high’ standards of living always gets pushed further than it can go and ends up blowing the whole wondrous edifice apart in a frenzy of barbaric and simply destructive energy. Yes, I think I too would love Paris, but it also would work on me in disturbing ways as it does you David.

  3. lannalife says:

    Hey Dave, I have a question for you that has been ruminating in my mind over the past few months!

    Is the levelling of the “playing field” where the rich become poorer and the poor become richer and so there is no inequality actually a good thing and why? Is that what Jesus was committed to doing?

    I believe that the actual current playing field is not a good one where the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer but I have been chewing the cud on what happens if we reverse this trend and whether the end result would be a good one. I’d love to hear your thoughts and explanations.

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