La Tour Eiffel

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The view to Sacre Coeur

Taken from the Military College

Well I packed in a lot of K’s yesterday. It was too nice a day to be on the Metro and so I mostly walked.

A little over a week ago, I took a nasty bump to the head and I think it was a side effect of this that caused me to decide to climb the stairs of the Eiffel Tower. Seriously, what was I thinking? One can only take the stairs to the second floor, but still…41 floors I think it is. You’ll see a photo of me that looks like I poured a bottle of water over myself, in actual fact I poured the bottle of water into my mouth and squeezed it out through my skin. A pretty good trick, although not so popular with those around me.

The Eiffel Tower puts on a pretty spectacular light show at night, youtube it and you’ll see what I mean. The college at the end of the green park leading away from the tower was put together to teach “poor gentlemen” how to become military officers. It has a special place in my heart.

In my personal journey, today was pretty emotionally confrontational. Back home if I feel like there’s stuff in there that might need looking at, I can easily call a friend or do some work and therefore avoid anything too tricky. Not so when I’m alone here. I sat at the top of the tower for a couple of hours waiting for the sun to set. Paris is a beautiful and romantic city, nauseatingly filled with couples in love. I had a couple of hours alone with this and plenty of time to sit with my own relationships journey. Wow! Somebody kill me please!!! Luckily I was exhausted by the time I arrived home and fell into the sweet oblivion of sleep fairly quickly.

So, a life well lived. My friend Jim thinks that what we are doing right now is what we are wired to do ( I hope I have this right Jim), that God knew before time what we would be like and where we would be and therefore this is our thing. I like it, but I’m not convinced. There seem to be too many people in highly dysfunctional lives. I would even contend that most if us are caught up in less than we could be. This idea of selling our days for gold, striving harder and harder for more gold but still never having enough. Secretly competing with each other over who has the better toys. Filling our lives with distractions. Don’t get me wrong, I think productive work is important, valuable and to be sought after. Anyway, embryonic thoughts.

The day awaits me and I must go.


5 Responses to La Tour Eiffel

  1. Abigail says:

    I am enjoying reading your notes David and looking at the beautiful pictures. Thankyou~~

    • timeaside says:

      Thanks Abigail, it’s cathartic writing it all out. Kinda forces me to focus my thoughts. It’s also pretty fun taking the photos.

  2. Jim Unger says:

    Being, not doing. Being = embracing and celebrating how you’re wired and where you are on the journey. Doing = focusing on working for more gold or focusing on the relationships we don’t have. Being is learning to meet Jesus where we are, living in the moment while we chose to be open to the future growth. I find it’s hard to do when my own emotional (or physical) pain screams louder then anything else in my life. Embracing how I’m wired is hard to do when I hurt. So we take journeys to find Jesus in the pain. Through that healing we’re better able to embrace and celebrate where we are and how we’re made. I suppose at the core we’re talking about peace and contentment eh? Paul learned that secret in Phl 4:11-13. But it was something he had to learn, a process to go through, not something that was given to him. Alas if I could only follow my own words, this process of contentment is difficult.

    • timeaside says:

      I stand corrected my brother. Thank you for clarifying it. In fact one of the thoughts that I’ll be putting out there somewhere in this blog is about something I read in Galatians recently (cause I’m very religious). It’s in the first chapter or three and goes something like, there’s a difference between doing stuff for God and falling into what He has for you. In the message version. Hit a nerve for me, might tie into what you’re talking about.
      Let me know if I need to issue a formal and public apology.

      • jamesunger says:

        I’m thinking walking on your knees for the rest of your journey might be the best form of public apology. No really. 🙂

        One of my favorite authors says that all of his ideas are “just adding to the conversation”. I like that. I certainly don’t claim any ownership of or have mastered any of the knowledge I spout off. I’m really happy to add to the conversation. For me, relationship is about staying connected long enough to understand and be understood. I value your admission as more the enough, and choose to stay connected so that we can understand and be understood. Oh, and I’m buying you some need pads. Where do I send them?

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