The Camino de Santiago

Well we’ve made the trek over the Pyrenees and we are holed up in our Albergue in Roncasvalles. What an intense crossing, I’m exhausted so if my post doesn’t make too much sense then please have mercy on me. We are now all sporting injuries, everyone else is either leg or foot, but my special area of genius is….sunburn. Meathead! One of our number has a pretty serious hamstring injury and it is likely that she and her husband may have to reconsider how they go from here. The tribe may be splitting up earlier than we had anticipated.

The Pyrenees were magical and I have tried to capture a tiny bit of that in my photos. The sense of elation when we finally reached the peak was palpable, however the downhill run from there was seriously steep, and it is there that the aforementioned injury was to occur. This resulted in the taking in turns of bearing the burden (backpack), of our injured fellow pilgrim.

There are small ponies that run wild in the mountains, in addition cattle run free and the sound of cow bells rattling around is part of the charm of the journey. Eating at long tables with complete strangers is another feature that I am learning to love about this trip.

There is so much that I had the chance to think about and feel, but if I were to try and articulate it in this post I think I would not do any of it any justice. So it shall have to wait. It is 1800hrs here, I am about to head out and grab some dinner. I think I will be asleep very shortly after that.

I bid you a very fond goodnight.

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Technical Newb’s Note:  I know that this page is titled Camino de Santiago and it only has one entry. The thing is, I tried to make this the Camino Page section of the blog and messed it all up….and now have no clue how to get this entry into the middle bit of my Camino blog. I may not be smart, but I can lift heavy things.

So, the rest of the Camino blog is to be found on the Home page. Read and enjoy….and if you know how to get this page into the right spot, please drop me a note, there’s a nice bottle of wine in it for you. 🙂


2 Responses to The Camino de Santiago

  1. Gentry Dinsmore says:

    Wishing you a little magic in each day ~G

    • timeaside says:

      Thanks Gentry, Considering that I’ve already met two Neo-Pagans on the trail, there’s a good chance. 🙂

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